Selling Vs Preselling for Affiliates

When you are in affiliate marketer is very important to know the difference between selling versus pre-selling. Affiliate marketers should be doing pre-selling. The vendor or company selling the product should be doing the selling.

Pre-selling, if done correctly can increase conversions astronomically.

Consider these three scenarios

1) If you were on my list and I were to send you an e-mail saying “check this out” and giving you a link. How likely do you think you would be to check it out? Not very likely probably. I know that I’m busy and if I had no reason to click on a link in my e-mail I am just going to delete the e-mail instead.

2) if I were to send you an e-mail about a product that you had no interest in or desire to buy and I were to give you a hard sell on it.  I told you all the great things about this product and why you should buy it NOW NOW NOW!  Like an infomercial.  Ha.  Again, I would probably just delete the e-mail if it were me. How about you?

3) if I were to send you an e-mail and you already knew me and trusted me and thought that I had your best interests at heart – and if I said in this e-mail “wow, I have been using this new product and it has been so great. This is what it has done for me and these are the reasons that I love it and I think maybe it can help you to. Check it out here. And then I put a link in there.

Would you click on that link? Yeah, you might.

Scenario number one is not anything. It’s spam. Scenario number two is selling – that’s not your job. Scenario number three is pre-selling and when it’s done right it works wonderfully. Not everyone is going to buy because not everybody is going to be interested – but the people who are interested will be more likely to click on your links if you use scenario number three and getting them to click on the link with a positive opinion of the product already in their head is 95% of the battle.

Pre-selling always involves getting the person who is reading the information to think about how this product will benefit them. Pre-selling also involves a friendly and conversational tone, like you were talking to a friend.

Even if you are creating a page to promote a physical product like gardening gloves or a swimsuit, you want to pre-sell – not sell. You want to talk about how wonderful this swimsuit is and how beautiful it looks on women. You want to be open and engaging and have a bit of a conversation in your page content.

Let’s look at this page

That is a squidoo page where the sole purpose is to recommend bubble chairs in the hopes that someone will buy one.  See how light and friendly the words are?  This is pre-selling.

So always remember, it is your job as an affiliate to pre-sell – not to sell.  Give information – give lots of pictures – be friendly – and include lots of links so that your visitors can get over to the site and start buying whenever they want to.